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Stacey A. Storino, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Stacey A. Storino, Esq. has been a New York State attorney since 1998, and was a litigator until 2015, working for some of the largest firms in the world, with clientele including Rockefeller Center and the AriZona Beverage Brand, and ultimately attaining the status as Senior Managing Attorney at a Westchester County, NY firm. In 2013-2014, several attorneys began to ask her for career advice, sometimes involving their leaving the field of law to become entrepreneurs on their own. The demand grew until 2015, when Stacey switched business models and became an organic content marketing coach to assist entrepreneurs in their quest to drive more traffic to their business so that they could do more business. She is now a multiple six-figure success with thousands of entrepreneurs as her clients, including many handmade and sublimation-based businesses.